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These candidate as explanatory in the understanding of our nature...


Cognition Creativity Egoism Will
Excess Perception Habit Morals

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Dogs probably are not conscious of their own excistence...
Do you have an opinion on that?


It seems to me that my dreams have connections with different
aspects of me... They can be about processing technical solutions in
my profession. They can reveal aspects of relations between people.
They can be in touch with what might be called "deep levels".
Or they might have a trivial ring to them...

To the extent dreams are "about something", there needs to be an
observer or participant in the dreamscenario that reflects over the
reality of the dream - someone or something conscious.

The "about something"-concept is tricky!

The dreamer (the subject experiencing the dream) could for example
reflect on something in the dream. The person who dreamt might
reflect on the dream after wake up, and come to the conclusion that
the reflexion in the dream was about something the dreamer (the
awake subject) was unaware of...

Also the "about something"-concept seems to be more of a post-
construct that occurs when retrieving and analysing what's left in
memory after wake up.

I have had dreams about dreaming, but mostly the dreamer doesn't
reflect over the dream itself during the process of dreaming. In the
moment of dreaming I'm not conscious about the dream but rather
experiencing the reality of the dream.

If I eat watermelon in a dream or awake, there most probably is a
difference in consequences to the contents of my stomach. However,
in both cases the watermelon can be experienced without reflexion in
a direct fashion. In that case neither the melon nor the experiencing
is "about" anything in "real-time".

Consciousness can be about something.
It is also a state of mind or a connection to aspects of reality...
It also has intensity and scope...

Consciousness and langauge...

Could my consciousness be blured by my eagerness to interpretate
everything using language and categories..?

Does consciousness need language?
Does language need consciousness?
No knowledge without consciousness?
Does the spider know how to make the net?

And then we have the small subject of collective consciousness ...

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